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The Best Tequila Cocktails This Summer

Written on July 9, 2019 in Nightlife

There is no drink like tequila. This strong and powerful drink is so popular that it’s been included in thousands and thousands of songs all around the world. But, to be completely honest, tequila is sometimes so strong that we’ll rather choose to drink it combined with other ingredients that make it either sweeter or...

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5 Game-Changing Tips for Traveling with Dogs

Written on July 5, 2019 in Featured

Traveling with dogs is a hot topic these days. It seems like we are seeing more and more dogs in airports and transit stations every time we travel. I’m no expert, but I’m fairly certain this trend can be attributed to a handful of key reasons: An increasing number of people have the ability to...

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A Traveler’s Guide to NYC’s Best Hidden Bars

Written on July 2, 2019 in Nightlife

The hidden bars in NYC do a fantastic job of echoing a key period of American history. Back in the 1920s to the early 30s – commonly known as the Prohibition Era – the 18th Amendment prevented the manufacturing, transporting, and selling of alcoholic beverages in the United States. Drinking alcohol in the comfort of...

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