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Ah, the great outdoors. There is truly nothing better than disconnecting yourself from electronics and all the chaos of mainstream news to spend time in the fresh air gazing at Earth’s natural marvels.

Mother Nature is not always for the faint-hearted. Choosing somewhere to explore is not a black and white task. Some spots are better suited for the expert wanderer, while others are ideal for the more entry-level outdoors enthusiast. Venturing into an advanced area ill-prepared can make the outing seem like a survival movie.

Our team is constantly talking to our vast network, poking round the web, and going out to experience the outdoors for ourselves. Following our field work, this section will be a compilation of detailed recommendations to give you all the information you need to plan the perfect trip away from civilization.

7 Must-Try Water Activities in Antigua and Barbuda

Written on May 26, 2020 in Outdoors

As the only country with 365 beaches, trying out different water activities and sports in Antigua and Barbuda is a must. Whether you are on holiday or moving here permanently, missing out on these fun pursuits is simply unthinkable. Since beaches surround this Caribbean nation, most of these water activities take place in natural seawater....

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America’s Most Haunted Roads and Their Terrifying Legends

Written on October 10, 2019 in Outdoors

The frights of the Halloween season are out to scare you! Witches, glowing orbs, ghosts, and more. These spooky icons are all haunted legends that cover the grounds of America’s most haunted roads. What makes these haunted roadside attractions even creepier is they each hold a unique story — giving you chills with every tale....

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