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As one of the essential factors of any retreat, the place you shack up for the night has a big impact on the rest of the trip.

Your lodging is the home base for your itinerary and should not be chosen lightly.

We are incredibly lucky to live in a time with so many hospitality options at our fingertips. With all the possibilities available through resources like, Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Hostelword, and more, doing all the research on your own to pinpoint the perfect place in accordance with your plans can quickly eat up a good chunk of time.

That’s where we come in!

From the swankiest resorts in the area to the most economical neighborhoods to rent a room, our goal with this section is to offer detailed advice about the ideal spots to spend the nights for your chosen vacation, regardless of your budgetary constraints.

Top 10 Yoga & Wellness Retreats in Thailand

Written on August 31, 2019 in Hospitality

Thailand is home to many amazing things. In addition to ancient temples, delicious cuisine, and elephant tourism, the Yoga and Wellness retreats in Thailand will make your trip both relaxing and meaningful. “But why do I need a wellness retreat when I can be at home, on my couch, feeling just about ok”? People share...

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3 Awesome Resorts to Live It Up Around San Diego

Written on November 18, 2017 in Hospitality

Photo Credit: Instagram – San Diego is a paradise in its own right. Many people associate this land with surfer vibes, gorgeous views, and heaven unlike anything else. The resorts in this part of the country certainly go the extra mile in exemplifying the glamour and glitz that puts Southern California in a league of its...

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5 Best Neighborhoods to Find a Room in Boston

Written on October 21, 2017 in Hospitality

Photo Credit: Instagram – Boston is far and away one of the most historically-rich cities in the United States. “The Athens of America” is a place that everyone should pencil into their travel plans at one point or another. In addition to the historical significance, Boston is known for its defined style, attitude, and upbeat charm....

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3 Swanky Hotels to Live Up Your Denver Vacation

Written on September 21, 2017 in Hospitality

Photo Credit: Instagram – Denver is the jewel of the Rocky Mountains. The Mile High City oozes with both natural and urban beauty. Many of the hotels are fully aware of this and enable their patrons to enjoy both. Any trip here will certainly be an interesting one. Whether you are in town to hit the...

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6 Reasonable New York City Hostels in Prime Locations

Written on September 2, 2017 in Hospitality

Photo Credit: Instagram –  New York City is one of the most fascinating cities in modern civilization. With so much rich history and culture, this city is truly the melting pot of the United States. One of the best ways to experience this melting pot first-hand is by staying in one of the best hostels in...

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