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Paris has always been known for its arts and artists. Although not as diverse as Rome, Paris offers a wide range of amazing museums that you can visit. If you love art, there are infamous collections in the museums in Paris that you will be interested in.

This is not only a romantic place for lovers, but it is also a haven for people who love art. If you are itching for an unforgettable vacation, Paris is one of your best destinations. It is home to some of the world’s most famous and iconic museums and galleries.

We listed down some of the top museums that you can visit if you plan a trip to Paris.

1. The Louvre


The Louvre Museum is one of the best art museums in Paris. It contains a wide range of arts from around the globe with a collection of about 380,000 artworks and it is the home to famous art pieces like the “Mona Lisa” of Leonardo da Vinci and the famous “Venus di Milo”.

The Louvre Palace was actually built by Francis I and it is on top of a medieval fortress. As a matter of fact, the moat can be visited at the belly of the Louvre. The place was a former royal palace before it was turned into a museum.

Aside from the famous works of Leonardo da Vinci, it also has the Apollo Gallery, which is a gilded room that was designed by Louis XIV containing some of the crown jewels of France. Even if you only have a couple days in Paris, this museum is a must!

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2. Paris Sewer Museum


Renting a family car is definitely the best thing to do, especially if you plan to visit the museums in Paris. Of all the museums in France, the Paris Sewer Museum is definitely a place that you should not miss. Although the name is not too appetizing, going to this museum will give you an interesting hint about the history of its city as well as waterways underground.

Since the World’s Fair of 1867, the sewers of Paris have been a go-to place for the public and they usually ride in boats. However, as of today, you can now explore this sewer museum on foot.

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3. Picasso Museum


The infamous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso spent most of his life in Paris and he donated most of his works to the French State, which is the reason why the Picasso Museum was built. This is one of the best museums in Paris in you love art!

A few years after Picasso died, the state renovated the Hotel Sale, which is now known as the Picasso Museum, to house all of the finest works of the Spanish artist.

The collection inside the museum actually includes about 5,000 artworks of Picasso along with the large sculptures he made. It also has some of the pieces from the art collection of Picasso like the works of Degas, Matisse, and Cezanne.

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4. Palais de Tokyo


The Palais de Tokyo is something you should never miss if you are looking for museums in Paris. It is actually the biggest center for contemporary arts in Europe. It was opened in 2002 and its main goal is to showcase the works of various famous artists.

If you plan to visit the museum with your family, you should start your tour at the subterranean levels where you can find some of the biggest graffiti works.

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5. Musée d’Orsay


The Musée d’Orsay is located on the left bank of Seine and it holds a wide range of French Art starting from 1848 to 1914. It has different types of artworks like furniture, sculptures, paintings, photography, and more.

The Musée d’Orsay also houses some of the biggest collections of impressionist and post-impressionist artworks around the globe. If you are planning to go around and check some of the best artworks, you should definitely go here as it is one of the top places to visit in Paris.

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Paris is a beautiful city and the tourist attractions are overwhelming, but you should never disregard the artistic nature of the city. All the museums and artworks that you can find around Paris would indicate that this place is a haven for art lovers. Enjoy!