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The topic of food in Sydney, Australia can be talked about for days on end. In recent years, the travel industry has changed significantly from the traditional vacation style into a wanderlust-driven quest for the new and the authentic in every nook this world has to offer. That is how Sydney has turned in to so much more than just a cultural, urban hub and a beloved art center. It has truly become every gourmet’s foodies’ dream come true worthy of the bucket list!

If you are yearning for a unique taste of this iconic city and a knowledge of the must-try restaurants, the following foodie hideouts and hotspots should be on your list. You can expect a friendly atmosphere, delicious menus, and a wide array of cuisines from all over the globe delightfully packed in the pocket of Sydney!

Rising Sun

Rising Sun Workshop

Sydneysiders seem to be tried-and-tested multitaskers, as this little workshop is not strictly reserved for bikers and their mighty rides, but also for any hungry local (or visitor) to stop by – because these folks can fix up an exquisite meal in no time! They serve excellent ramen for lunch, and you should definitely keep an eye on their changing dessert menu, since they typically opt for locally made goods.

Another part of their menu worth checking out is their tea selection – you can have a taste of their own house blend that shares the name of the restaurant. They don’t just serve Japanese dishes, you can also taste their breakfast bibimbap, a Korean favorite, and you’ll definitely start your day with a delicious twist! Whether you live in Sydney or are just visiting, you should definitely make an effort to check this one out!

Rising Sun Workshop

The Botanica

The Botanica

A place where all things sustainable, soothing, and innovative go to thrive, this relaxing spa in Vaucluse is another treasure trove of sensual delights. In addition to their incredible spa experience based on wonderful treatments, you can head straight for their restaurant after their signature de-stress massage and enjoy a locally-sourced meal.

Think: salmon with butter, cucumber, and ginger for lunch, or their mouth-wateringly tasty coconut pancakes for breakfast in case you’re an early bird. If you have a little bit of room left in your belly (which you hopefully do), go for their selection of seasonal cheeses, or their dark chocolate and date cake with a refreshing orange-based cream.

The Botanica


Indu dining

Those among you who enjoy a choice of piquant, rich dishes from the Orient should book a table at this marvelous restaurant of Indian cuisine nestled in the very center of Sydney. Despite the hustle and bustle of the location, you can expect an intimate atmosphere and a versatile menu of the villages of Sri Lanka and India that the local chefs can bring to your table.

Meat-lovers should definitely try the lamb ribs with a spicy crust of almond and jaggery, or you can truly treat yourself to a unique Indian-inspired experience with their several courses long INDU feast – not to worry, the surprise is half the pleasure and you’re in experienced hands!

The Farmed Table

The Farm Table

With Chef Brendan Cato as the lead of the restaurant, there is little we can say to prepare you for his immaculate cooking and foraging skills. Yes, he literally goes all around in the search for the next best meal, picking only the best NSW has to offer when it comes to seasonal, fresh produce, and only then does he decide what sort of artistry he will make with what he finds. When it comes to food in Sydney, Chef Cato is your guy!

This concept alone deserves every true foodie’s trip to his table, and all you can do is check their Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest of his produce hunts to learn what you can expect. This is where the local spirit truly comes to shine, as you’ll be able to have a look at what the local farmers and artisans have put together for your delight.

Double Mac

Eager to have a sneak peek at the smallest café Sydney has to offer? This tiny spot is six square meters of pure delight when it comes to the coffee served by Chris Eid, and rest assured, his cup of brew will be one of the best your lips have ever met. However, it also makes for an excellent pit stop for foodies on the go and in need of a Sydneysider’s favorite snack.

You can choose between a sandwich or the homemade friand – a classic Aussie cake typically made with almond meal and a mix of different fruits, although chocolate is another great option. Don’t be fooled by the small menu, the taste will not disappoint!

Your Turn

Seeking out authentic cuisine should be a part of every vacation. Food in Sydney truly has some of the most diverse and one-of-kind options in the Southern Hemisphere! While this list barely scratches the surface of what this beautiful city offers, hopefully, this guide will give you a good start.