Haunted House

The occult has been a controversial topic for centuries. Despite the countless reports of ghost sightings and unusual activity across the world, these incidents are easily dismissed by science or too usual to be real. Regardless, it doesn’t stop the trill of the stories. This article will look at 5 haunted places throughout New England.

1. Salem, Massachusetts

Salem Graveyard


Sometimes, ghost hauntings can be directly connected with history. The Salem Witch Trials in 1962 was a horrific event where many of the local people were accused of performing witchcraft. Countless people ended up getting tried, imprisoned and condemned under this crazy crime. Ultimately, in the end, 19 people were hanged publicly, with an additional person stoned to death. This event has led to several ghost stories in the area involving places such as The Salem Jail and Hospital. It’s likely the most widely known event on this list.

2. Seguin Island, Maine

Seguin Island Lighthouse


Unlike the previous entry, this is an isolated incident. This story takes place in the 1800s and at the second oldest lighthouse offshore of Maine. A new couple moved into the lighthouse for work. After some time, the wife bought a Piano to ease her boredom. The wife only knew how to play one song and would play it over and over. It eventually drove the husband mad and he destroyed the piano. The wife was not pleased, and the husband turned the ax on her. In complete sadness, he took his own life afterward. It’s said that you can still hear the piano sound at night.

3. Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Mount Washington New Hampshire


This is another chilling isolated incident. An Appalachian Mountain Club crew member hiked up Mt. Washington in preparation for the upcoming spring season. He never radioed his friends to confirm he made it up safely. When his friends arrived the next day, they discovered him hiding under the sink with an ax. He described how there was a distorted face between the window glass and boards. It was trying to break through and it was happening in every window. However, he was unable to recall what else happened that night. It’s by far the most bizarre entry on this list.

4. Stowe, Vermont



This bridge, now famously known as Emily’s bridge, was built in 1844. It’s made of wood and has been severely worn down over the years, but it ended up as the site of a tragic event. Emily had arrived one day awaiting her boyfriend to show up. Unfortunately, he never arrived. She decided to commit suicide in a spur of the moment act. These days, countless rumors surround the bridge. People have been scratched, and cars damaged. The sound of footsteps on someone’s car has been heard. There have also been reports of a strange voice being heard from time to time. It may be a small bridge, but it’s at the center of the supernatural.

5. Exeter, Rhode Island

Exeter House


During the 18th and 19th centuries, tuberculosis was a major issue across New England. A woman named Mercy Brown was an unfortunate victim of the incident. It was wildly believed that the spirits would return to take others. Thus, Mercy’s father exhumed and cremated her body. Ever since then, Mercy has been reported to be wandering around the area. Terminally ill patients in the area have even reported seeing Mercy just before death, as if coming to greet them. Unlike the other entries on this list, Mercy’s story has a positive conclusion.


There are many kinds of ghost stories out there. An everyday random location can suddenly become the subject of the paranormal after a tragic event. Some places are haunted by a series of incidents over time, other times it’s a single individual, and many are simply stories passed down. Whatever the case, New England is no exception to crazy ghost stories.