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This section is where we rant about our absolute favorite experiences throughout our travels and what exactly made them great. In addition to expanding on our favorite city spots, campgrounds, bars, restaurants, and accommodations, this column is a no-holds-barred compilation of whatever phenomena captured our undivided attention.

Whether it’s an exceptional concert, music festival, round of golf, the best tasting burger on the planet, or topnotch room and board, we want to tell you about it!
Our mission with this category is to help fill in the gaps and give you deeper recommendations from the highlights of our own adventures.

5 Outdoor Safety Tips When Camping With Kids

Written on April 8, 2019 in Featured

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay– For families who absolutely love the outdoors or parents who’d like their kids to spend some more time away from the bright lights of the city – and their phones – there’s nothing better than camping. Whether you’re planning on heading to an easy-access camping site, hiking to the...

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5 Important Things to Know for Your First Trip to the U.K.

Written on February 25, 2019 in City Travel

Image Source: Pixabay – If you’ve never been across the pond, you might not realize that the United Kingdom varies pretty drastically from some European countries. From cultural customs to language and electronics, you’ll need to do things a bit differently in England than you would in Belgium. Before you hop on a plane and start...

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Why Traveling to Europe in the Spring Is a Great Idea

Written on February 19, 2019 in City Travel

Image Source: Pixabay – When you envision your dream trip to Europe, you probably imagine warm, sunny days spent in cute little cafes. The problem is, so does everyone else. The summer months (June to mid-September) are the busiest tourist months of the entire year. People also flock to some countries, like Germany, for a winter...

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How to Plan a Week-Long Trip to Europe for Under $1,000

Written on January 30, 2019 in Featured

Image Source: Pexels – If you Google the phrase “Europe trip cost,” you’ll immediately be blindsided by four or even five digit numbers accompanied by huge dollar signs. In the eyes of most Americans, traveling across the sea to Europe is a pricey indulgence. Although flying across the Atlantic can be expensive, there’s no reason to....

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