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Riley is a full-time editor and writer in Texas, but on the weekends, you can find her hiking at the nearest park or researching flights to faraway places. She's a lover of literature, road trips, caramel macchiatos, and photography. Someday, she hopes to have visited every national park in the United States. Riley and her fiance operate their own travel blog called Riley + Christian Travel.
Plane Landing

6 Tips to Prevent Jet Lag From Ruining Your Trip

Written on November 10, 2018 in Featured

Image Source: Pixabay  – If you’ve never experienced jet lag first hand, you might scoff it off as a myth. That is, until you take your first 10-hour flight to a different country and realize that big time zone changes can suck the life right out of you. Every human body is programmed to feel...

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How to Plan a Fall Camping Trip If You’ve Never Camped Before

Written on October 22, 2018 in Outdoors

Image Source: Pixabay – You’ve seen people posting pictures of autumn leaves and s’mores over bonfires on Instagram, and you’ve thought, “Hey, why don’t I try camping this year?” My response would be, “Yes! That’s a fantastic idea! BUT, don’t leap in unprepared.” Camping isn’t like other kinds of vacations. There aren...

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5 of the Best Ways to Score Cheap Flights

Written on September 29, 2018 in Featured

Image Source: Pixabay Booking flights is never fun. Depending on where your travels take you, the plane tickets alone can eat up a sizeable amount of your vacation budget, especially if you’re flying out of or inside the continental U.S. Flight costs are often one of the determining factors in whether a person can afford...

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